Staff Memeorandum – 10Jun20



10 June 2020

To:  Broadland Guarding Services Staff

Subj:  Company Structure

As I’m sure many of you are aware Phil House has decided to retire after “many” years of service to the Company.  He has submitted his retirement notice and his last day as a Director of our Company will be the 30th of June 2020.  Phil has provided us with his knowledge and wisdom while helping guide our Company through many years of success.  His leadership will be missed.  I hope all of you will assist me with wishing him as we in the navy would say “fair winds and following seas” on his retirement.

Currently Amanda and I are discussing how we will move forward.  This includes looking at roles and responsibilities and how they may be adapted to fit a modified company structure.  I will remain in the General Manager position taking on new responsibilities in a more Company based role.  No changes to the current structure have been agreed and I would advise all to disregard any rumours or opinions they hear on what changes may or may not occur.

Currently I don’t envision any major changes but do hope to upgrade and improve some of our systems and current ways of working.  Before changing systems or ways of working I will attempt to approach staff who fulfil the affected roles for input.  Together I believe we can help the Company grow and prosper ensuring a better working environment for us all.  Please feel you can approach me with issues or problems but my first question will always be “Have you spoken with your Line Manager”? I am open to input and will be happy to hear well thought out suggestions and ideas.


Robb Eldridge

General Manager

Broadland Guarding Services