Welcome to the BGS Staff area:

Thank you for entering the staff only area, we are working hard on the update to our current website.

Trying to add details that will help you understand the company and provide resources to help develop you, both in personal life and professional one.

Please feel free to contract HR@broadlandguards.com with any feedback or suggestions. 


We have some updates for you: 

The new standards (2020) have been published for static/key holding.  This includes the new “overarching” publication BS10800. They have been added to the “S” drive in the “standards” folder for users with access.

BS 10800:2020 Provision of security services – Code of practice 

BS 7499:2020 Provision of static guarding security services – Code of practice

BS 7984‑3:2020 Key holding and response services. Part 3: Provision of mobile security services – Code of practice’

The management team will be happy to review and adjust all systems to fall in line with the new standards. Once undertaken any adjustments will be rolled out to you all.


Current training: All staff are required to undertake:

ACT e-learning. Follow this link.

Highfield are offering some free E-Learning on the topic of Covid-19. Follow this link.